Problems with the Initial Catechesis of the Neocatechumenal Way

The initial phase of catechesis in the Neocatechumenal Way  (NCW) consists of fifteen catechetical sessions, followed by a weekend “Convivence” (from the Spanish, “convivencia”, meaning “living together” or “coexistence”) retreat where a new NCW community will be “born”.   These sessions, called “days” in the Catechetical Directory of the NCW, follow this schema:

Schema of Initial Phase of Catechesis


Here are some critiques of the content of these sessions as they are detailed in the first volume of the Catechetical Directory of the NCW:

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13 thoughts on “Problems with the Initial Catechesis of the Neocatechumenal Way

  1. The Pope LOVES what the Neocatechumenal Way is providing regardless of a few so-called mistranslated exerts of the initial catechesis . Long live Kiko!

    1. “mistranslated exerts (sic)”??

      No, Ralph, the quotations are verbatim from the original English…just pull out your copy to check.

  2. Hello Chuck !!
    I’m a Catholic from Iraq, and I’m in the NCW since a year and a half, and I want to leave this way.
    When I first joined, I was very happy, but some time ago I began to discover things that I didn’t like (most of them on your blog and thanks to you) especially the things that happen in the scrutinies. My question is: how can I get the catechetal directories ? because “my chatechests” suerly won’t give me a copy or lend me one..
    I hope you can help me with this.
    pray for me..

    1. Fadi, you are in a cult, and you need to get out. Having said that, all thirteen volumes are not available, but one can get the first four volumes (out of 13) in Italian by googling:

      “Orientamenti alle equipes di catechisti” neocatecumenale filetype:PDF

      1. Thanks a lot Chuck !
        I’m sure these will be helpful (after getting them translated of course), and I assure you that I’ve left this cult forever. Another thing is, that I’m a bit afraid of starting to tell people about what this way really is, because I’ll face many problems… do you recommend anything ?
        thanks again !
        pray for Iraqi christians.

        1. Dear Fadl:
          In the first place, I pray often for our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much in Iraq.
          As for the so-called scrutinies, such a procedure has never been allowed in the Church. As far back as the fifth century Pope Leo the Great (440-461) forbade any such manifestations or questioning regarding the personal sins of members of the Church. These are matters for Confession, which has the guarantee of the sacramental seal. I hope you have already left that sect, and I pray that the Lord will give you much strength to bear witness to him in the difficult situation that exists in Iraq, although are present it seems to be improving.

          1. “ As for the so-called scrutinies, such a procedure has never been allowed in the Church.”
            The neocat scrutinizes come from the ancient scrutinies of baptism that are seen today in the church. Kiko didn’t just make them up. They are not new.

          2. TScrutinies are certainly not new, but the bullying nature of Kiko’s scrutinies is quite new. Study church history.

        2. I am just running into this site. And I hope after these years have passed that you have experienced the Love of God in spite of the fact that you consciously wanted to do harm by wanting to translate the the mamotretos because somehow you think that there is a mistake. I do not know what you have received that scandalized you or simply you did not accept what you heard and it touched your ego.
          Nonetheless, you can’t argue with the fact that these catechesis came into the life of many at a moment that we needed to receive a word of hope. I’ve walked for 30 years and I see the wonders of the Lord in my life, marriage, etc. The Way is not for everyone but to say that it is a cult is you not being in communion with the Catholic Church (the POPE) that has approved this new way of evangelization, that goes back to its roots of small communities (St. Paul Letters). You, thinking that you know better than God and the Holy Spirit, which has inspired a few people to spread the Good News and reach millions around the world. Many who have given up their securities for the love of the other so that they may receive a word of salvation and hope. You are in your freedom to despise what God has put in front of you but you will do more harm to yourself spiritually by wanting to harm those that have accepted this charism in their lives or any future brothers. Woe to you!!!

          1. The Church has approved the Statutes of the Neocatechumenal Way, but that is not a blanket endorsement of everything Kiko Arguello says and does.
            Let’s start with his penchant for eisegesis. Take a good look at Kiko’s interpretation of the story of the man born blind in the 9th chapter of the Gospel of John, and compare it to the interpretation of the Church Fathers. The Fathers contradict Kiko!

  3. I know this is an old article but can someone help me. I finished the 15 talks and they want me to attend the weekend convivence. Am I going to be asked to share my sins or “cross” in front of everyone this weekend if I attend? This is not something I am confortable with.

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