Unsalted, Unenlightened. We’re Judas!

Apparently, according to Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, those of us who oppose “the Way” are liars and slaves to Satan. In fact, we are “Judas” – on a mission to kill Neos:

“Finally, there is a third circle, a third group of brothers and sisters, those who live a lie, who have always lied to themselves. They are those in whom Satan acts, enslaving them. Not necessarily because they are wicked, or due to any fault of their own, but perhaps for some reason or other that we will not investigate…This mission is very important because, without Judas, there is no Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. If you are called to be Jesus Christ, you must have your Judas. Each of you here will have your hour. Your life is in function of assuming an hour…All Christians are called by God to take on this hour. When that day arrives, these people will have the mission of killing you, of destroying you.” – Catechetical Directory for Teams of Catechists Vol. 1, p82.

Hey, but at least he says it’s not our fault. Apparently we’re just unenlightened and unsalted.  Kiko, even draws us a picture (Catechetical Directory for Teams of Catechists Vol. 1, p78.):


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4 thoughts on “Unsalted, Unenlightened. We’re Judas!

  1. Kiko gives a false and skewed intepretation of the Gospel texts about Judas. Judas was called to be an apostle like the others and we cannot imagine that Jesus called him knowing beforehand that he was going to betray him. Jesus had human knowledge like the rest of us and he obviously suffered deeply the treason of Judas. He wasn’t faking it. However, the rest of the apostles didn’t get it about what kind of Messiah Jesus was, as they escaped and Peter denied that he even knew him before a slave girl. Kiko is a neolutheran who thinks we are all steeped in sin and that it is impossible to free oneself from it.

  2. Exactly. Kiko is just denying we have free will. If we don’t have free will we cannot be punished.

    Having said that, we must strengthen our will and not be coerced. Our inadequacies admitted. Humility of heart and empathy.

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