Kiko’s Mud, Part 3: “Kerygma Bullying”

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By Chuck White & Lino Lista

A group of Catholics in Italy now possesses all of Kiko’s secret catechisms after the Second Scrutiny, including those from the Traditio to the Election stages, as well as the “corrected” versions of those volumes. The group is scanning them, and analyzing and comparing the corrections to the original volumes. After they finish, these catechisms will be published so that you can understand well what atrocities the Neocatechumenal Way has secretly perpetrated for decades.

Here’s another peek at them, from page 13 of the original sixth volume, “Traditio”.  Kiko is again discussing the Scrutinies using the story of the healing of the man born blind in John 9:

“He took his saliva, your Baptism, the Word of God joined to Baptism – that is the saliva, the Word, as I am doing now – he has taken your dirt, the dirt -the dust you and poor me will return to:  we are dust, we are weak – He took your weakness, your nothing; The earth and nothing, your sins. And the Word God enlightened your sins, your marriage, your avarice, your sexuality, and blended them well, for one year, two years; Some of you do not even want to hear it, you needed your brother in a convivence to insult you, another to beat you, another to shout at you:   but you had to see your sins, without being mixed with the saliva of Christ you can not endure your sins, and you escape running, and you are still running, and you do not come back here anymore.”

traditio p. 13

Here is the same text in the “corrected” version, where the “insults, beating, and shouting” of the original volume on the Traditio is changed to “criticism and scolding”:

“Perhaps you needed to live with some brother in a convivence to insult you, to criticize you, to scold you, in order to come out of your reality of sin that you did not want to see. Jesus Christ blended your sins with his saliva, that is, he enlightened them with his Word, with the Word of God, because if we are not mingled with the saliva of Christ we can not bear our sins, we do not even want to see them and we escape running… “

Keep in mind that the “insults, beating, shouting, criticism,and scolding” do not occur until you’ve had the pleasure of walking in the Way  for at least four years.  Let’s call it “Kerygma bullying”!  Just what the Church needs.