Twisted Scripture

Here is a list of the most egregious instances of “twisted Scripture” in Kiko Arguello’s teachings:

  1. Jesus’s Clay vs. Kiko’s Mud (John 9), and here, and here.
  2. The Passover without a Sacrifice
  3. Zacchaeus and the Sycamore (Luke 19:1-10)
  4. Judge Not? (Matthew 7:15)
  5. The Ten Virgins and their Oil (Matthew 25:1-12)
  6. The Small White Pebbles of Rev. 2:17
  7. “Do Not Resist Evil.”  Part I (Mt. 5:39)
  8. “Do Not Resist Evil.” Part II, Mt. 5:38-42 & Isaiah 53
  9. Abraham:  An Idolater and Failure, Just Like You (Gen. 11-22)
  10. From Kiko’s Traditio Symboli:  The healing of the epileptic boy (Matthew 17:14-21)

More examples are coming. Stay tuned.

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