“You’re shit, but God loves you.”

I recently asked an ex-member of the Way, “LaPaz”, to share some of the phrases and expressions she often heard while walking.  Many of the phrases she reported must surely come directly from the Neo Scrutinies:

  1. “God loves me as I am.”  God surely loves me, but  we heard seminarian Gabriel Camacho add the “as I am” many times.   We also heard a catechist (Fr. Pius Sammut) insist that God makes no demands. So the Gospel is all comfort and no challenge, at least until the Second Scrutiny. Get with the program.
  2. “God takes no offense at my sin.”
  3. “God loves you even if you are a pig.” And you are a pig, right?
  4. “God loves you even though you’re his enemy, even if you are a murderer, even if you are incapable of loving anyone, even if you are an idolater.” And I am sure that you are all of those things.  The catechists can’t be wrong.
  5. “You seek only pleasure.”
  6. “You live looking at the navel.”
  7. “Your navel is the center of the universe.”
  8. “[You think] others have to change, that they must obey, that you have to live in your own function, that you are your god.”
  9. “Your religion is the ‘I-ness’.”
  10. “You can not love anyone because you can not die for anyone.”
  11. “You strive to work for the recognition you work, money, prestige.”
  12. “In everything you do you want something for yourself.”
  13. “You do not do anything for free.”
  14. “You do nothing without expecting anything in return.”
  15. “You’re an idolater you are looking alienate all.”
  16. “You’re nothing more than sin.”
  17. And my all-time favorite: “You’re shit, but God loves you.”

So much for being made in the image and likeness of God.  And don’t forget:  they aren’t judging you!

2 thoughts on ““You’re shit, but God loves you.”

  1. Not to mention: “you’re selfish, bad, evil, arrogant, prideful, worthless”…kind of a killer if you already don’t think much of yourself.

  2. I remember clearly being told that I ‘kill’ others by my judgements of them! My husband being slapped in the face by the catechist and told he was ‘ hiding something’ during one of the steps, because he didnt have any ‘scandals’ to deliver I guess? Even all these years after ‘escaping’ the NCW I am still wounded by the guilt instilled into me by this ‘group’. I still feel worthy of nothing and at fault for everything thanks to listening and beleiving and trusting in people who I was fooled into thinking actually cared about me. When I was in hospital for a week after spinal surgery how many came to my bedside NOT ONE! Not a phone call not a visit nothing! Ha

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