Introducing the Thoughtful Catholic Podcast!

The Thoughtful Catholic Podcast is a short form podcast that vigorously seeks the True, the Good and the Beautiful, making full use the two wings of the human spirit – faith and reason, and gifts drawn from the treasure house of the patrimony of the Catholic Church, including, but are not limited to, the Sacred Scriptures, the teachings of the Church Fathers, and examples from the Lives of the Saints.

The podcast is available on these fine platforms:

One thought on “Introducing the Thoughtful Catholic Podcast!

  1. Chuck, your site has been a goldmine for the last couple weeks since I discovered it. Thank you for your continued efforts.

    I am curious if there’s a way I can email you about a matter I am curious of your thoughts/expertise on. It does pertain to some older stuff you have written on the blog. I didn’t see anything under the “Contact Me” link.

    If that’s possible, please let me know. God Bless.

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