Trouble in Qatar

vicar_reorgHere’s a report that we recently received from Northern Arabia, accompanied by a link to a video featuring Bishop Camillo Ballin, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia.  See the video below.



First, the report:

1) Bishop Ballin is directly responsible for what is going on in the Vicariate.

2) In the video, he states a few times that the Church has no approval to evangelize in the Muslim world. It is extremely dangerous to not obey the government’s directions, and if somebody would profess our religion outside the church’s yard, it would have consequences not only for that individual, but probably for the whole Catholic community. So, to stimulate the faithful here to evangelize the Muslim people is crazy!

2) The church is a place of comfort to many, because of difficulties most of them face in everyday life.  Therefore, we have masses in 13 languages, people are very involved in all church activities (lectures, catechism, EMHC, altar servers, different prayer and singing groups, youth groups, family ministry, etc.) and there are many events and spiritual retreats going on on a weekly basis. All generations are involved, both individuals and families. These people manage to persevere in a difficult reality because they are devoted to Jesus in the Eucharist and Mother Mary, who are their true source of strength and hope, and they humbly live a practical Catholic’s life.

3) If evangelization is against the law, and the people who come to church are the true faithful who go to church daily at risk of their lives (there is a strong security system around the church compound which wouldn’t be there if government didn’t  think that religious complex needs it), what is the purpose of having Neocatechumenal Way (NCW) there?

4) Since NCW came, there is no peace nor unity that existed among the faithful despite the multiculturalism of the community. This is because of NCW’s policy and non-Catholic nature. Their main techniques are: to deceive and bully others, destroy unity, renounce Jesus, desecrate liturgy and space, confuse and control faithful, take money, don’t let followers have time for healthy family and social life.

5) In the church compound there are also churches of other denominations (Copts, Anglicans, Orthodox, etc.). The NCW is focused only on Catholic church, but if they dare to “evangelize” the others, it would be harmful and ruin the mutual respect of all denominations cohabiting within the complex. I am quite sure that government wouldn’t be happy if people start to create a mess in the religious complex.

6) Bringing Fr. Luis Camacho was done on purpose and consciously. Parishioners and priests have even warned the bishop how dangerous it is and that nobody feels comfortable knowing who is hiding in the parish and why.  The bishop showed no intention to do anything about it.  The problem is that he is not aware if the gravity of the consequences for not only Roman Catholics, but for all other churches within the religious complex. It can cause truly ecumenical scandal if the others realize what our bishop is doing in the parish of Doha. This shows that bishop actually doesn’t care for us or for the others faithful Christians!

7) There is constant demand for financial donations to the church, especially when bishop or guest priests come. No matter how litlle  they have, people always give money to support the Cathedral of Bahrain or some orphanage and similar projects in their home countries, mostly Philippines and India. Yet, there is a feeling that the bishop is treating them as a sort of ATM machine, and there is no control of the money he receives because it all goes from hand to hand with no accounting, and there are no taxes in Qatar.

8) People don’t know that the Cathedral in Bahrain is a kind of sociological and religious experiment led by bishop and NCW. They think it is a Catholic church, not a “one world religion” church.

9) All of the countries of Vicariate are very rich, and the Muslim people are known for their generosity. Therefore, saying it is for Catholics but building something else, the bishop and NCW are abusing the kindness and trust not only of the parishioners, but the Muslim rulers and general public (“all Marias and Marios” – see video!).   Again, they are not thinking of the consequences it might have for Catholics in the Middle East; all they care is to obtain their personal goals: control, power and wealth.

10) How is possible that, despite how religiously sensitive the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia is, it has not had an Apostolic Nuncio for almost a year? [my note:  this position has just been filled]  Did the Vatican leave the Nuncio position empty to keep the Bahrain Cathedral project secret as long as possible? In that case, it seems that the NCW bishops, cardinals and Kiko are the ones who control the Vatican, and the Holy See has no control over the Church.  Should we conclude that “Black is white, white is black”?

11) It is clear that the NCW is actually a well organized company that tries to take control of world’s religious life. They hide behind the Catholic hierarchy, but they are not Catholics. To integrate their “faith” into Catholic church, they use an outsourcing strategy: they rent the church space, Holy Mass time, faithfuls and Holy Host so they can do their three major spiritual goals:

a) preach  against the Saviour Jesus Christ and  His true presence in the Eucharist;

b) desecrate our liturgy and sacred space;

c) confuse and manipulate faithfuls to drag them into NCW sect.

12) Since the NCW priests do not believe in the [Real] Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, they shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate the Roman Mass. Jesus said we can’t serve both: Him and evil. Therefore, neither the priests, nor the faithful can, at the same time, attend NCW liturgy and Roman liturgy, and stay faithful to Jesus at the same time. In the parish where there is only one church, and no weekly schedule is published that announces which priest will celebrate which Mass.  So the faithful go to Church not knowing what to expect during the Mass: heresy or faith. This means that in order to stay faithful to Eucharistic Jesus and away from the desecration (sin against the Holy Spirit?!) within the Church, we can only stop attending the Masses.

13) In Doha, the NCW and Bishop Ballin (by going himself to attend the NCW liturgy) are using Roman liturgy to invite people to became the members of NCW and to participate in their liturgy (“the real one”). The bishop is showing that he is completely spiritually disorientated and makes decisions that are very dangerous for whole Catholic Church and especially Vicariate. The fact that he speaks Arabic is no reason to keep him on this position any more. He needs to leave because nobody but Kiko can trust him!

14) Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Akita have warned the people what will happen to Church, but many are still not aware. Our Lady of Arabia made us actually SEE it. Wake up Catholics while it is not too late!  We need to pray to our Heavenly Mother for Her protection and intercession, and constantly repeat: “My God, TRULY PRESENT in the Holy Eucharist, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you!”