Fr. Luis Camacho has been found!

LuisCamachoWe’ve just discovered that our very own Fr. Luis Camacho will be running a 3-day  retreat for the youth 13 years and older at the Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Qatar at the end of this month!  See the announcement in the church’s bulletin here, (or click on the images below to enlarge).


You might remember that Fr. Camacho, a Neocatechumenal priest from Guam, last conducted a “youth retreat” on a Guam beach just a year ago, in March 2015:

Apaca Pt

Apaca Pt 2

This retreat was a “private” retreat, involving only Fr. Luis and one of his parishioners, his 17-year old altar girl. Here are some stories about it:

Some readers may doubt that this is OUR Fr. Luis Camacho.  Don’t doubt.  Fr. Luis has been assigned to the Holy Rosary Parish in Doha, Qatar, which is part of the Vicariate of Northern Arabia.  The Vicariate, under the leadership of Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCJ, intends to build a huge, new Neocatechumenal Cathedral in Bahrain:








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