SNAP’s Joelle Casteix Weighs In

Joelle Casteix, the Western Regional Director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), called into Guam’s K57 Radio station recently and said that Guam’s situation is very unique for two reasons.  Listen to her talk with host Patti Arroyo:

The recent accusations of sexual abuse against Guam’s Archbishop are unique for two reasons:

  1. On Guam, unlike many other jurisdictions, it’s been the Catholics, not the press, that brought this issue to the fore.
  2. The panicky response on the part of the Chancery,  e.g. labeling the accusers as “not Catholic”, and threatening to sue, of the Archbishop of Agana is very unusual.

3 thoughts on “SNAP’s Joelle Casteix Weighs In

  1. Hey Chuck,

    So my question is: How do we know who’s telling the truth?

    1. I had lunch with Roy Quintanilla, the first survivor to come forward, and I am convinced that he is telling the truth. Moreover, he has nothing to gain.

      But you know, somebody is lying, and it’s you. Your name is “Jared Chua” from New Jersey, and not “Betty White”. Now why would you want to hide that?

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