Man Accuses Guam’s Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Molesting Him As a Child
Flanked by attorney David Lujan and his family members, Roy Taitague Quintanilla held a mini-press conference in front of the entrance to the Chancery office in Agana Heights, Guam.

Guam – Roy Taitague Quintanilla is accusing Archbishop Anthony Apuron of molesting him 40 years ago…Quintanilla claims that Apuron was the pastor of the Mt. Carmel church in Agat, Guam, when he sexually assaulted him. Quintanilla says that he was a 12 year old altar server and that Apuron took him home after a movie and asked him to sleep in his “priest house” to help him with the church in the morning. Quintanilla claims that the Archbishop urged him to sleep in his room with him and that he felt Apuron “squeeze my penis and testicles through my pants”.

From the Pacific Daily News:

2 thoughts on “Man Accuses Guam’s Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Molesting Him As a Child

  1. Mr. Roy Quintanilla, you are a pillar of strength. Someone the people from this island can use to be strong and put their best foot forward in changing the type of things that are grievous and unjust. I believe more islanders need to wake up and smell the coffee instead of being downwind of the chancery and putting up with the stench and lies emanating from the likes of Apuron. I will join the next protest since I have had enough and convinced that Apuron’s silence has spoken for him. As serious a claim made by you not to be responded immediately to only tells me that Apuron continues to be that arrogant demigod where he is not man enough to either deny or apologize. What does he have to lose? No confinement and yes possibly losing a legacy already tarnished to no end… So basically nothing… There is one thing to gain and that is manning up by stepping up to the plate. Right or wrong, show us why you think you should lead the faithful, unless taking ones time to huddle and do damage control is how the catholic church continues to protect its predators.
    Enough said since I wanted to let you know that what you did was remarkably strong.

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