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Paolo Cometto, a member of the board of the Way's "Fondazione Famiglia Di Nazareth per L'Evangelizzazione Itinerante"
Paolo Cometto, a member of the board of the Way’s “Fondazione Famiglia Di Nazareth per L’Evangelizzazione Itinerante”

Our friend Lorenzo in Italy had some questions about the Neocatechumenal Way’s expensive property in Rome after reading Kiko’s Lenten announcement asking for funds.  He then initiated an interesting email exchange with Paolo Cometto, a Neocatechumenal super-catechist and member of the board of the Neocatechumenal foundation that owns the property.

Translated into English from the Italian:

 On March 24, 2017, 11:13, Lorenzo ZZZZZZ <[email protected]> wrote:

Good evening, after [Kiko’s] announcement of Lent I am asking for explanations. How can it be said that the “Family of Nazareth Foundation Permanent Evangelization” has a debt of over € 250,000, as claimed by Kiko (“You know that we also have debts; when we do the Convivence of Itinerants in Porto S. Giorgio which always leaves us a $ 250,000 or $300,000 debt for 2017, I do not know how much debt we have now, Giampiero [ed. note:  Giampiero Donnini is the President of the Board of the Foundation] will know. Without your help I thought we could not evangelize, and I hope you will go something the Lord will give them), when from a simple cadastral survey the said foundation has the following properties:

  •  An apartment of 5 rooms in La Spezia Street in Rome (San Giovanni area) shared equally with the volunteer association, Casa di Pulcinella “Claudio De Santis”;
  • An apartment of 7.5 rooms in via Lucrino (Trieste district);
  • A house of 4.5 rooms in Carinola (CE) and an annexed vineyard of 150sqm.

But are you not ashamed to ask for the legacy of the poor elders? In Kiko’s words: “In Spain, some elderly people left something inherited from the Foundation. In Italy, no! We do not have a lira: maybe some senior, who has something in the bank, can leave it for evangelization, we will use them just to evangelize.

Start publishing the Foundation’s financial statements if you want to be credible.

Greetings and have a good Lent


On March 25, 2017, 11:20, “Paolo Cometto” <[email protected]> wrote:


I see that you continue to follow us with interest. I suggest that you read the whole announcement – you cannot explain it better than it does itself.

For the rest, as you know, having a patrimony does not mean that one lacks debts and with the current real estate market situation [a sale] is not easy to accomplish.

As for the rest, we leave each one the freedom to do as they believe.

A good Lent to you,

Paolo Cometto
ITC Consultant & Project Manager
Tel. +39-06-xxxxxxx
Cell. +39-335-xxxxxxx
e-mail: [email protected]

On March 25, 2017, 16:10, Lorenzo ZZZZZZ <[email protected]> wrote:

Good morning Paolo, I am a little Sunday Christian and being attached to money I have an interest in knowing how the money I paid to the Foundation was spent. It would be a disaster if one day some journalists who are enemies of the of the Church decided to investigate this issue and the children in the faith were scandalized. You, who can be decorated with a white robe [ed. note: Lorenzo refers to the fact the Neo Elect wear white robes], know very well what Jesus says in the Gospel about those who scandalize the little ones. However, if there is nothing to hide (which I’m sure of), I do not see the reason for risking a scandal. Pope Francis, who repeatedly called for transparency within the Church, could only appreciate such a gesture.

Forgive me for being daring, but you as an adult in faith should know that telling lies is a shame: it is well known that luxury real estate (which the 7-room apartment in the Trieste district is) are the easiest to sell and not are affected by the crisis in the real estate market.

Regardless of your suggestion, I also read the rest of the announcement, but I found only a bunch of money demands, Protestant heresy, and psycho sectarian threats. So I preferred to prepare for Holy Easter with the “Philotea” of St. Francis of Sales.

A greeting and a wish of a Holy Easter to you and to your boss [ed. note: Kiko] he seems a bit more nervous than usual lately in his speeches).

On March 25, 2017 at 17:32, “Paolo Cometto” <[email protected]> wrote:


Each of us must appear before the court of Christ in response to his actions.  If you have, or had,  something to do with a Protestant Psychic Sect, it would be better if the scandal broke out right away so that the Church and so many little ones are saved.

But what if it were not so?

Best regards,

Paolo Cometto

ITC Consultant & Project Manager
Tel. +39-06-xxxxxxx
Cell. +39-335-xxxxxxx
e-mail: [email protected]

On March 26, 2017, 08:04, Lorenzo ZZZZZZ <[email protected]> wrote:

Good morning Paolo, just go to YouTube and hear Kiko’s speeches or read some of the documents that can be found on the Internet to get an idea of Kiko’s theological background. You know from the Neocatechumenal and catechists of the first hour you will know others for sure:

  • Kiko repeatedly claims to have been formed on the writings of Dietrich Bonhoffer [sic] (a Lutheran theologian);
  • Kiko often says that he is saved only by grace and not by works (Lutheran thesis by Bonhoeffer himself);
  • Kiko says that man cannot not sin (Calvinist concept) and that he is the son of the demon;
  • Kiko says that one can also receive Communion in mortal sin and that the Eucharist is a memorial (Lutheranism)
  • In the initial catechesis, it is said several times that sin does not offend God (another Protestant thesis, even denied the act of pain).

In the past, only one of these public statements would cause him to be excommunicated. However, it is not up to me to judge, I can only conclude that Kiko publicly discloses explicitly non-Catholic concepts.

Returning to the main theme of this email exchange, I know someone interested in the apartment in the Trieste district. He is a very wealthy person who will move to Rome for work and could rate an apartment of that level (7 rooms). The economic part is not a problem and being a person of faith, he would be very happy to know that the purchase of the home also serves for the debts contracted for evangelization. Who should he contact? Is there an agency that is already dealing with the sale?

In my humble opinion, the Foundation’s communication can be improved: there is no website, there is no phone or official email.


P. S.  Some time ago Kiko had said that social networks are not compatible with staying in the Way.  Yet I see that you have an active Linkedin profile. Did you have a particular dispensation or authorization? If so how did you get it?

 On March 26, 2017, 09:57, Paolo Cometto <[email protected]> wrote:


Thank you for the offer I will present to the board of directors at the next meeting.

About the rest, it is not my intention to continue the interrogation that is taking an inappropriate turn.  As I said in the previous section, we will answer to God of our actions.  The Catholic Church’s competent dicasteries can respond to the arguments of the matter and, if necessary, take the appropriate steps towards us.


Paolo Cometto

On March 28, 2017, 17:36, Lorenzo ZZZZZZ <xxxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:

Good evening Paolo, one question: is the Trieste district a de-Christianized area? Yet that apartment is just a few hundred meters from one of the most Neocatecumenalized parishes of Rome.


The first part of this conversation was reported on the Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo verita blog on March 27, 2017.