More gems from Kiko Argüello…and an opportunity

Kiko Argüello’s Lenten Announcement to the Neocatechumenal communities of the world arrived in my inbox the other day, and it has a few gems that I just have to share.

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Kiko uses most of the announcement to push the canonization of Carmen Hernandez, the co-founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, and he does not fail to aggrandize himself while doing so.

Here’s an example:

Carmen has been chosen by God from before the creation of the universe to help you in your faith with me, with Kiko Argüello,

Chosen by God from before the creation of the universe!  Can you recall any Catholic saint speaking of themselves in this way, and in the third person to boot?  Of course not.

When describing some of Carmen’s writing that will be published soon:

That is, that when reading the things that Carmen writes you are really impressed, especially about the things she says about me that I did not know…

and speaking of Carmen and himself again:

You have to realize more and more of who we are, why we exist and why God has chosen us.

He alludes to his mystical visions too, which you will certainly hear a lot about in the next few years:

It is very important, very interesting, to know how God has prepared Carmen … I also have my experience, my visions, my ecstasy and all that.

Lastly, he announces that they are collecting information about any graces and miracles that members of the sect may have experienced through Carmen:

Father Mario tells me that he has been told that it would be appropriate from now on to begin to communicate the graces and miracles received through Carmen; The number of people who are going to her tomb and then they go to visit the room where the Virgin appeared [to Kiko, of course]...many people have asked for graces and miracles to Carmen and received them. To whom should this information be sent?

Kiko provides a mailing and email address at the end of his announcement to report such miracles, but why limit the stories to just current members of the Neocatechumenal Way?  Shouldn’t ex-members have the opportunity to send stories of their graces and miracles, especially the grace they obtained to escape Carmen’s errors and the sect she initiated?  ¡Por supuesto!

Send your reports to:

Centro Neocatecumenal de Madrid
Calle Blasco de Garay 8
28015 Madrid

email: [email protected]