Manic Michelle


clothes-crazy-ladyA comment appeared on the Concerned Catholics of Guam web site a few months ago which just had to be shared here.

Michelle Beaune writes from Ontario, Canada, the home territory of our beloved Fr. Pius, the (former?) ArchNeoCatechist for Guam.    Some readers will remember Michelle commenting on a post on this blog, saying that she longed to be chastised by Fr. Pius.  Hmmm.  Let’s don’t touch that one right now, but instead get right into her latest comment:

Michelle Beaune
June 1, 2016 at 1:53 pm

I read your complaints and I am trying to understand your point of view. But what I recognize the most is that not once did you mention Jesus Christ and how HE might be involved in all of this. Funny really wouldn’t you say? You defend the Church’s cannon [sic] laws wonderfully and yet you never take into consideration ALL the miracles our Lord is performing in this group [she means the Neos] and in upholding this group. Now let’s just for HEAVENS SAKE think of this from GOD’s point of view. What IF GOD sees our Catholic faith worldwide is quickly being exiled and just MAYBE GOD knows something that you do not know Tim [Tim?], for example, that one day soon as the Bible states–there will be no more Mass. What IF a one WORLD religion comes into play? What IF this occurs and our church needs to go into hiding as in the old days? Can we agree we are living in the last days and there is a devil who opposes us? Ok then, if the devil takes away the Mass and we have NO church, then what? It’s coming, all one needs to do is look at Daniels [sic] timeline. WHAT IF (just a thought) God is QUICKLY preparing priests who are able to say Mass in people’s homes so that we may STILL gather and have Mass in hiding like Pope John Paul 11[sic] had to do growing up? WHAT IF our gracious GOD has a bigger plan for Guam and the world through this way? How do you know that Jesus is not leading this movement? HE KNOWS what is coming, TRUST IN HIM! Please pray about this and really consider what and truly WHO you are fighting against and what you are trying to stop. Why not support this movement and these poor young men who are feeling called to be priests? If the entire world fell into chaos tomorrow and there were no churches left for us to attend Mass how quickly you all would grab one of these ordained ‘half-baked priests’ and hide him in a home and have your small communities receive Communion. Then you would be grateful even if the poor priest stumbled a bit through Mass because he is still sealed by GOD as a priest! Trust me, I have met many educated priests who have wasted thousands of our dollars at ‘qualified’ seminaries who knew how to speak Italian perfectly etc and this was not needed! Wasted much time and even more money learning things they DO NOT NEED! Have FAITH my brothers and sisters that GOD provides training supernaturally! I do believe you have little faith in Jesus and what HE can do. What if God is preparing this way for YOUR very salvation because HE knows more then you do? I am praying for you all Tim, with love truly, that Jesus will open your hearts and show you HIS plan for this end of days in HIS church. My thoughts are with you all to find peace in this Holy matter. Please pray for me.

Good golly, Miss Molly, where do I begin?  Let’s consider a few of her statements:

1.”Not once did you mention Jesus Christ”

I’m not sure who “you” is, but I certainly mention our Lord quite often on this blog.  But that’s beside the point, because this kind of statement is often proffered to slam Catholics when the they dare to talk about some practical topic associated with Christ’s Church, like Church governance, or in this case, the proper formation of Catholic priests.  As if Jesus would not want us to be concerned about these matters.

2.   “the Bible states–there will be no more Mass.”

And just where, oh Manic Michelle, does the Bible say this?  On the contrary, the prophet Malachi wrote:  “From the rising of the sun to its setting,  my name is great among the nations; Incense offerings are made to my name everywhere, and a pure offering;  For my name is great among the nations, says the Lord of hosts.Mal 1:11

The Catechism confirms that we are to understand the Eucharistic sacrifice to be this “pure offering”.  [CCC 2643].

3.”Why not support…these poor young men?”

Here is one example of a “poor young man” who was formed at our Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  Listen, and then you’ll understand our lack of support for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

4.  [priests] wasted much time and even more money learning things they DO NOT NEED!

Manic Michelle basically argues that ill-prepared, half-baked priests are necessary in these trying times.  On the contrary, I would argue that the apocalyptic times  during which we live require priests to be prepared and and formed with even more care.  The things that the devil is throwing at the Church requires it’s priests to be fully formed and intellectually and spiritually prepared in order to discern and teach the truth.  Half-baked priests will actually hasten the apocalyptic scenario she describes!

5.  “GOD provides training supernaturally!”

I don’t argue the necessity of God’s grace in the formation of priests, but she goes way beyond that to suggest that experienced professors aren’t even needed.  Oh well, her friend Fr. Pius said the same thing recently.  Listen here: