Poor Natasha.

Poor Natasha. She gets grilled by Fr. Edwin “Pius” Sammut O.C.D. when she stands up to introduce her Neocatechumenal community from Inarajan, Guam.

Her sin? Her husband Chris, who also serves as a “responsible” for her community, was absent from the Convivence because he had to work that day. You see, Fr. Pius only offers the false dichotomy of “Jesus, or work.” He says that it’s not a judgment, but then quickly goes on to tell Natasha that it shows what’s really in her and her husband’s heart.  Fr. Pius pontificated on this same subject earlier in the Convivence, and you can hear those earlier words here.

Here’s a recording of his grilling of Natasha:


Inarajan.  Let’s stand up, Inarajan.  I saw them, therefore I know that they are here.  They are very, very small in Inarajan.

Good morning, Father.

Yes?  You are the responsible?

Yes, My name is Natasha.  My husband is Chris.   And we have…

Where is he?

He is at work, Father.

That’s uh very good news you give me this morning.  [Laughter from the other “brothers.”]

I know.  And we have three children.  These are our co-responsibles.

Wonderful.  Wonderful.  These convivences come – let me take advantage of you, Natasha, okay?  These convivences come  once every year, do you understand me?  And it is, many of us are put in front of a choice.  This is not so much, it’s, it’s done for yourselves to see what you choose.   Whether you prefer work to God.  Cuz we say God, God, God comes first.  Well, it is true many times that God does not come first.  It’s not to judge you or condemn you.   I don’t know the situation of your husband.  Perhaps it was impossible for him or whatever.  But these situations come for us, okay.  And know Friday, and know Friday,  it’s very important because Friday is the day of Conversion.  Okay, therefore, okay, “No, I want to work.”  Okay, go to work.  No one is going to punish you, no one is going to chastise you.  But it shows, it just shows what is in our heart.  Okay?  Therefore encourage him, okay?  The next time, tell him, “No more work.  You get less money, no worry.  We shall survive.  Okay.   They will kick you out of the work.  No, no, they will not kick you.  Okay, they will not kick you.  


4 thoughts on “Poor Natasha.

  1. ok this makes me angry. there is no charity or compassion in this man. no understanding of the dignity and importance of work. no respect for natasha, her husband, and their kids. i’m happy for those who’ve been able to escape pius’s damaging influence, but i’m sad for those who continue to be trapped by his psychological manipulation.

  2. I miss Fr.Pius so much! He was my confessor in Canada and I would give ANYTHING to have him chastise me and my husband to inflame in us the ZEAL to be the FAITHFUL warriors of Christ we are all called to be! If you come to serve the Lord PREPARE YOURSELF for TESTING! In this day and age we are all too SESITIVE! The devil is real people! He is trying to prepare us to FIGHT not to be LUKE WARM! Can you not hear this? Ah! This man has SO much compassion. I am living PROOF. AMEN! And pls just pray for him if you think he is wrong and take a good look within yourselves. This is what we are called to do.

    1. Ms. Beaune,

      Merry Christmas! I know that Fr. Pius would absolutely relish the opportunity to chastise you again too! So perhaps – if you’re willing – you could ask him to move back to London, Ontario, permanently. Or back to Malta. We’d be forever grateful!

      Si Yu’os Ma’ase (thank you),


      P.S. Fr. Pius’s problems here stem from much more than merely publicly humiliating people.

      1. This chastisement and scolding reminds me that Kiko said that the catechumenate a time when mud would be smeared on the catechumens to remind them of their sins. And prior to the Second Scrutiny, he said:

        “Therefore I tell you not to be afraid before this scrutiny, because we are sent here by Jesus Christ to help free you from your demons.”

        So, the demons will be chased away by mud smearing and public humiliation. That’s supposed to be the New Evangelization!

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