Outside the Circle

If they’re following the original schedule, the Neocatechumenal Way should be presenting the fourth night of their initial catechesis at the Agana Cathedral Basilica tonight.

In this particular session, a discerning participant will get her first taste of both the sectarian nature of the Neocatechumenal Way and the beginning of an effort to develop a persecution complex commonly found in sects.

In this catechesis, a catechist will typically draw a diagram similar to the following:

Kiko’s helpful diagram for the 4th Night of the Initial Catechesis

Note the figures of “Judas” outside the outer circle.

The catechists will then paraphrase Kiko’s words regarding people who “cannot stand the community”:

“Finally, there is a third circle, a third group of brothers and sisters, those who live a lie, who have always lied to themselves. They are those in whom Satan acts, enslaving them.  Not necessarily because they are wicked, or due to any fault of their own, but perhaps for some reason or other that we will not investigate. Maybe these are the richest people, humanly speaking, the most intellectually gifted. (Judas was perhaps the brightest of the apostles, which is why he kept the purse … )  These people cannot stand the community. This mission is very important because, without Judas, there is no Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. If you are called to be Jesus Christ, you must have your Judas.  Each of you here will have your hour…When that day arrives, these people will have the mission of killing you, of destroying you. Fundamentally, they live dominated by the devil because they have never been loved. ”  Neocatechumenal Catechetical Directory, Vol. I, Page 82, Day 4.

Listen to a Neocatechumenal presbyter in the Archdiocese of Denver repeat this teaching:

The conclusion is clear:  those of us who oppose “the Way” or merely criticize it, are unsalted and are unenlightened.  We are liars and slaves to Satan. In fact, we are “Judas” – on a mission to “kill” members of the Neocatechumenal Way.