Half-baked Priests for Asia, Continued…

Jacob Caballero, a member of the Neocatechumenal Way from the Philippines recently responded to my post, “Half-baked Priests for Asia?“, with a comment of his own.  In my original post, I revealed Kiko’s plan to have young men ordained to be missionary priests for China after only five years of training and without the benefit of a formal seminary.  I also gave some very good reasons for taking time in forming priests, especially missionary priests.

In his comment, Mr. Caballero exhibits a perspective that is pervasive throughout “the Way”, and quite problematic.  He said:

You rely on human wisdom and not on the Holy Spirit.  Its (sic) because they lack those trainings (sic) or what you call it make them half-baked priests?  Did Jesus revealed (sic) in the Bible the exact number of years the priest is ought to have in schooling?  Look at Peter and the rest of the Apostles, they are not well educated yet the Lord has choosen (sic) them to become heralds of the gospels and ministers of the Church.  They were only twelve yet they were able to preach the Gospel even to the ends of the world.  Do not rely on human knowledge or wisdom or any trainings (sic) that the world can offer us.  Rely on the power of the Holy Spirt. (sic) Do not judge.

My Response

On the contrary, Jacob, you are the one limiting the Holy Spirit. How? By pitting training and formation against the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Of course Christians are to rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit, but the question is, do the years of seminary training and formation currently required in most dioceses limit this power, or enhance it?

The world is much more complex now than it was in the early days of the Church, and the problems our ordained leaders face are far more complex.  You are suggesting that our Lord is asking us to return to the infant Church.  No!  No, not anymore than you or I would want to return to the days of wearing diapers!

By the way, you seem to suppose that everything needs to be spelled out in the Bible. I can’t seem to find the word “neocatechumenal” there…

One thought on “Half-baked Priests for Asia, Continued…”

  1. Here in Cebu, Philippines, I know of some young men who came from NCW seminaries. One of them is just so ridiculous, that I was stunned by what he was saying during his homily during a mass held in a wake of a mother of an NCW member. Like mentioning that the world was created 6,000 years ago, and that dragons were real. He also mentioned of some tunnel in Holy Land that connects somewhere to the other side of the globe! And he was dead serious about it. And of course, the usual “fear of death” thing, which NCW priests never fail to mention.
    I heard later of comments from other people relating more or less the same kind of stupid stories from that young priest, and that it was always during the homily, all said with all earnestness.
    I learned later that the guy didn’t even have a proper high school education, and that he just entered the NCW for a few years, before he “stood up” to become an NCW priest. My impression about him is that he is ignorant, and clearly hadn’t read anything about the world. He most likely got some of his stupid ideas from youtube and facebook.
    I am quite familiar with the NCW, being a member for 8 years before I got out, thankfully.

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