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I’ve noticed something peculiar about how Kiko Arguello sometimes signs his artwork and paintings.

Most of the time, his signature is unremarkable, like this:

But on occasion, he starts to do something funky with the letter K in his name.  You can see some examples here:


Notice the “X” feature he introduces into his “K”.  The most extreme examples can be found on the bottom of these cards:


ccard 2014

148273_715468025221644_5817267311600016664_n (1)

On these cards, the name “Kiko” actually looks like “IX i IX o”, with each “K” replaced by the letters “IX”.

No one can claim that this deformed letter “K” is attributable to Kiko’s old age or to a loss of fine motor skills.  He has been occasionally signing documents and paintings in this fashion for at least 30 years.  Moreover, he often does NOT sign his work this way.  See the following samples from 1985, 1991, and 2007:

So, what’s going on?

“IX”, as it turns out, are the initials of Jesus Christ, in Greek.  The Greek name of Jesus Christ is spelled:

greek (1)

The initial letters of our Lord’s name in Greek are “I” (iota) and “X” (chi).

Detail of IX monogram on Constantinople sarcophagus, end of 3rd, early 4th century.
Detail of IX monogram on Constantinople sarcophagus, end of 3rd, early 4th century.

These letters have been used as a monogram for Jesus Christ since the days of the early Church.8a4cd9e5245a467eeac376775d534d20






Kiko is embedding our Lord’s name into his own!  Twice.

Because of the overwhelming and intense cult of personality that surrounds Kiko in the Neocatechumenal Way, this habit of embedding a symbol of the Lord into his name suggests that he may have messianic pretensions.



5 thoughts on “Kiko’s K

  1. How dare you allude to such preposterous pretention ! I was caught by this article because I am new to the NeoCathecumen Way and as an artistic person myself was curious about Kiko signature . So, then, because I have for years now, the letter A in my name has evolved into a triangle , I am going to be criticized that I have Trinitarian pretensions ?? Pleaaaseee ! It would not surprise me if unconsciously like myself perhaps ,, his K evolved into the image of IX becasue he is carrying Christ Crucified in his heart where Christ should be .. He may have done this unconsciously , where his soul spoke through his signature one day .. I see absolutely nothing strange about this . I am 67 years old woman that has been in a spiritual search for the Father since I was about 24 years old.
    I never joined any lay orders because i never thought i would measure up , but on a Trinity Sunday many years ago , I attempted to offer my Heart to the Father , Son and Holy Spirit .. Interestingly enough my script writing evolved in to A’s that were triangles and my H into receptacles . My alphabet reflect the desires of my heart and soul to be inside that triangle of love in the Holy Trinity and to receive that blessings .. Shame on you for tearing down a man who has only tried to bring Christ to others .. Clearly you need to renew your baptismal vows .
    One thing I will say, is that as someone who began her stage on the writing of Icons in Nazareth, Israel , under a very strict and talented nun, I was taught the artist is not supposed to sign his name .

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