Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part I

With this post I will begin to lay out the details and secrets (yes, secrets) of the Neocatechumenal Way’s Second Baptismal Scrutiny and its associated “rites”.  

The Second Scrutiny starts with a weekend “Convivence” or retreat, and ends, for those that pass the Scrutiny,  several weeks later with the Rite of Entrance into the Catechumenate.  It is in these “rites” that we see the most egregious examples of psychological leveraging and sectarianism at work.

What follows is an outline of the events mentioned above, and will serve as a foundation for future posts.  Stay tuned!

Friday evening
  • Arrival and distribution of rooms
  • Dinner
  • Presentation of the community and catechists
  • Liturgy of the Word   
    • Environmental Admonition (regarding the Convivence and Celebration)
    • Presbyter Greeting
    • Invocation of the Holy Spirit
    • Admonition for the First Reading
    • First Reading: Matthew 25:1-13 (Parable of the Ten Virgins)
    • Catechesis on the First Reading
    • Song: “Tell Me Then” (“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth” from Songs 1:2ff)
    • Admonition for the Second Reading
    • Second Reading: Matthew 25:14-30 (Parable of the Talents)
    • Passing of the song “The Lord has Given Me (Servant of Yahweh)” (a song written by Kiko and taught at this stage of the Way.)
    • Song: “If today you listen to his voice (Psalm 94)”
    • Admonition for the Third Reading
    • Third Reading:  Luke 12:54-59; 13:1-9 (Signs of the Times, Settlement with an Opponent, A Call to Repentance, Parable of the Barren Fig Tree)
    • Prayer of the Presbyter
    • Our Father
    • Blessing
    • Admonition to be Silent and Dismissal

After the Liturgy of the Word, the Catechists divide the community into working groups

  • Lauds
    • Greetings from the President and prayer
    • Psalm 94 [95] (“If today you hear his voice…]
    • Songs with Admonitions (new songs taught for the first time)
      • Admonition, Song:  “The Lord has given me” 
      • Admonition, Passing of a new Song:  “I Hoped in the Lord”  (a song written by Kiko and taught at this stage of the Way.)
      • Admonition, Passing of a new Song:  “The Sower” (a song written by Kiko and taught at this stage of the Way.)
    • Admonition for the Reading of the Three Temptations
    • Reading: Matthew 4:1-11 (The three temptations of Christ in the desert)
    • Catechesis
    • Song: “Shema Israel”
    • Prayers
    • Our Father
    • Kiss of Peace
    • Closing Blessing
  • Break (the brothers are sent to get paper and a pen)
  • Questionnaire – read more here.
    • Introduction to the questionnaire
    • the Questionnaire (one question for each Temptation of Christ, with the third question concentrating on idols.  Each question is answered by describing one’s life before joining the Way, while walking in the Way, and at the present time)
  • Lunch
  • Individual Work on the Questionnaire (half an hour or three quarters of an hour)
  • Break into Working Groups to Discuss Questionnaire
  • Eucharist
  • Dinner
  • Lauds
    • Greeting and prayer of the President
    • Psalm 94 [95]
    • Admonition and Song, “the Canticle of the Three Youth”
    • Admonition and Song,  “My Beloved is For Me”
    • Admonition for the Reading
    • Reading: Luke 14:25-35 (If any one comes to me without hating his father[a] and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters…The forsaking of family was a central idea of the First Scrutiny, too.)
    • Catechesis
    • Half an hour of personal prayer
    • Song: “The Sower” or “My Beloved is for Me “
    • Spontaneous prayers
    • Our Father
    • Peace
    • Closing Blessing
  • Break and Lunch
  • Start of the Individual Scrutinies
    • Explanation of the meaning of salt
    • Introduction to the Individual Scrutiny
    • The individual scrutinies begin- candidates read their questionnaires in the presence of the catechists and community, and then are severely questioned by the catechists. Past and present sins are revealed in the presence of the community.

The Convivence ends with a Psalm, a song, a short reading of the Gospel, the Magnificat, a collection, the Our Father, Peace and final blessing.  

The community is told the date of the next meeting.  The individual scrutinies continue in week night meetings of the Community over a period of weeks or months.

After all of the scrutinies have been completed, which could take several weeks if not longer, the Rite of Entrance into the Catechumenate occurs.  This could occur on some week night or weekend.

The Rite of Entrance into the Catechumenate

  • Introduction
    • Explanation and proof of the Rite
    • Environmental Admonition
    • Song of entrance: “Gates lift up your heads”
    • Greetings from the President
    • Prayer of the President
  • Rite of the Renunciation of Idols
    • Liturgy of the Word
      • Admonition for the First Reading
      • First Reading: Genesis 15:1-11,17-21 (The Covenant with Abram)
      • Passing of Song: “Abraham(a song written by Kiko and taught at this stage of the Way.)
      • Admonition for the Second Reading
      • Second Reading:  Genesis 32: 23-33; 35:1-12 (Jacob wrestles with an angel, renounces household idols, and builds an altar at El-Bethel)
      • Passing of Song:  “Jacob” (a song written by Kiko and taught at this stage of the Way.)
      • Admonition for the Third Reading
      • Third Reading:  Joshua 24:1-27 (“put away the foreign gods that are among you”)
      • Dialogue invitation to renounce idols
    • Renunciation of Idols – Exorcism – Laying on of Hands – members give up valuable property, e.g. jewelry, land, cars, etc…
  • Rite of Salt –members are enjoined to keep the secrets of the Scrutiny
    • Admonition for the Rite
    • Readings:
    • Anaphora of the Salt (a prayer prayed over the salt) (sung)
    • Short catechesis on salt
    • Invitation to receive the salt
    • Imposition of the Salt (while singing “The Same God”)
    • Song: “Servant of Yahweh (3rd song)”
    • Conclusion

After the Entrance into the Catechumenate, the community receives a “Catechesis of the Way” and elects a new “Responsible” or community leader.  Those that didn’t pass are formed into a new community or are put into an existing community at an earlier stage.

Continued in Part 2.








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15 thoughts on “Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part I

  1. You forgot, “the BIGGER you go with your giving up of your valuables the BIGGER your kicking the Devil. As I recall it, the BOSS Pius said to me “ehem ah….Kenna, you hava to giva a big amounta because ehema, you will show the uh deveelah that you are much ah bigger than ah your idols. So I come from a family who really had nothing so obviously had “NOTHING” to give, so obviously I failed. My ex wife however passed with flying colors because she withdrew her entire GovGuam retirement to throw as they call it ” In The Fire”.

  2. Not one recitation (or even mention) of the Hail Mary – traditional among Catholics, in hundreds of languages, anywhere in the Catholic world. NCW does not believe in theotokos (a dogma) or hyperdulia (special veneration of Mary)? And they call themselves Catholics? “Catholic” means “universal”. They certainly are outside the universality of Catholics! If they are protesting against this universal Catholic practice, maybe the better word for them is Protestants. At least the other non-Catholic Christian religions are honest with themselves and proudly call themselves “Protestants”, because that is what they are! So what do we have with NCW – fakes and hypocritics? Pity those candidates who can’t see this glaring hypocrisy! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for them!

    1. I totally agree if they were righteous they wouldn’t be so secretive about their worship service and doctrine. They are a sect totally disregarding Sacred
      Scripture and the Catholic Faith .

  3. After this passage, all the members should give 10% of every earning to the community. The responsible will be in charge of managing this money, but there is no any accounting of money usage.

      1. Yes, thank you, Chuck! Thank you from me from me personally and from me as part of CCOG. Continue to educate us, so we can continue to know of the evils that surround us. Knowledge is strength! Si Yuus Maase! – Joe S.A.

  4. Beware of the Neocatechumenal Way.

    I went through the second scrutiny and have since left the NCW. The NCW is a pernicious cult. It seduces people in search of an authentic Christian community rather like the how to boil a frog story. First one night a week, then two, if you are unlucky you will be elected “responsible”. I neglected my family and felt wracked by guilt as I ran out the door. I was not there to support my vulnerable adolescents as they struggled with emotional and academic concerns. Any misgivings were put down to the work of the devil. In fact I thought we heard more about the devil than Jesus.

    Like a true cult were were indoctrinated to worship and follow our founders Kiko and Carmen. We had to follow every word, use only their icons and music.

    For years I tried to still my qualms. Yes the family was held to be the greatest idol. I must confess I did not give all my riches away. Every sermon was full of loathing of sexuality. The devil was to blame for everything. Much of what was preached was cranky heretical.

    Teenagers were forced to uproot themselves time and time again to follow their “catechists'” families. Conformity was idolized. When I mentioned to one young girl that she could stay home and study on a ‘Convivenza’ community Sunday before her major exam, she replied, “it may be voluntary but I have to go because my parents are catechists.” Teenagers have no freedom, very little pocket money and have to spend what little free time they have minding numerous siblings while their parents were catechists.

    Serious emotional issues including sexual identity, depression, suicide attempts were all to be handled within the community. Every serious issue was either brushed aside, a symptom of weakness or due to the devil.

    I have read recently about how people feel when they leave a cult and on what are the defining features of a cult. I am still numbed and find it hard to engage with my former friends and paralyzed when making decisions. I am 100 percent sure, however, that my decision to leave the Neocatechumenal Way is the best decision of my life.

    Keep up your dedicated mission to expose this beguiling cult. It is unhealthy as it destroys individuals and relationships.

    1. NC way child here. Fourth child of nine, hardcore NC parents to the bone.
      I’m so glad you did. It is comforting to read that someone else too thinks the best thing they did was leave that cult. Best thing and, I personally add, hardest.
      What unhealthy relationships I developed with my family will probably never change, as they will never admit any mistake and will die thinking they were acting in god’s will. They will simply never get it. But hey, I can work on myself and hopefully one day it will all be just scars – plus I can talk to my siblings and offer them a different view and that is something I would have loved to have received. What I don’t understand is how can nobody see. How is it possible that nobody realizes what’s going on and does something. I wouldn’t necessarily want to tear it all down, I would just love for the teenagers to have someone showing them another point of view. Someone who’s been inside and can speak the language they – currently, while inside – understand.

  5. You also forgot to mention that during the Exorcism,(or Maybe you didn’t want to go into detail) but you have to pretend Satan is in front of you, the catequist calls your name, and you stand in front of all the community and pretend that Satan is standing in front of you and you are denouncing to your idols, you are pointing, screaming, or cry (this is part of what I said during mine, it’s been a while) you stand and saying I Margaret denounce in front of you satan and my community to the expectation of marriage which I have idolized for years, to sex before marriage, to birth control etc. etc. because they have harmed me And you (satan) made made me believe that that would give me happiness. Then you throw your box of items that you are renouncing too in a big pit that is supposed to be burned later, before its burned on a later date the responsibles go through the items and make a list to later present to the catequist of what was thrown in the pit and what the they think the total value of the items was. Some Items are later sold and the money is given to the poor. if any money was in a box then they money too is given to the poor. You have to pledge a certain amount of money yourself and give it that day or sign a paper with the amount to be paid later. Then after everyone does that then the salt is give to you. And whatever items couldn’t be sold are burned on a later date.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. Did you know that half of the liquidated amount of the donations is given to the bishop?

      1. That I did not know, they only mentioned to us that any money collected would go to the poor. But I see why they would want to bribe the bishop.

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