The Problems of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam (VIDEO)

If you have the time (a short half hour) , feel free to listen to an interview I recently did on Travis Coffman’s Big Show on K57 Talk Radio here in Guam.  This 30 minute conversation centered on the sectarian nature of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam, and specific topics discussed included:

  1. the history of the Way
  2. its deliberate fostering of a persecution complex among its members.  Click here to go directly to that segment.
  3. it’s misinterpretation Matthew 7: 1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.”  and that misinterpretation’s role in shutting down criticism within the Way.  Click here to go directly to that segment.
  4. the personality cult surrounding its leader, Kiko Arguello.  Click here to go directly to that segment.
  5. asking questions in the Way and Kiko’s mandate that “Catechumens must listen. Click here to go directly to that segment.
  6. the Holy Spirit’s movement toward a more transparent Church, especially in the wake of the Church’s sexual abuse scandal.  Click here to go directly to that segment.
  7. the Way’s effect on the extended family on Guam, and lastly,
  8. legitimate diversity in the Church on Guam.

4 thoughts on “The Problems of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam (VIDEO)

  1. A “short half hour” is an accurate description, in light of how Fr. Adrian Critobal and Ric A. Eusebio went on shortly after 4 PM and stayed until the 6 PM end of The Big Show.

    Thanks for getting out there and doing such a fine job!!

  2. My name is Marisol Collazo from Lowell Mass.
    To me and my family the Neocatecumenus way began at St Patrick’s Lowell Ma with a great way of beautiful touching words that melt us down to believing in their cult. Our anger begin when we realized why the truth of their way to brain wash us wasn’t said when they introduced this cult to us. Why wait to tell all that took the 13 days classes 4 years later after been so involved i this belief that the purpose of this new Neocatecumenus way is to change the tradition to a new way if celebrating the Mass? Why? Why not tell us at front the true reason of this Neocatecumenus way brain washing cult? We found out 4 years after spending days and hours preparing the word for such great service to fool people by telling us one day on a beautiful long day celebration retreat that the way of the Neocatecumenus way will replace the old tradition of celebrating the Lords Mass. This was unacceptable for us and it brought much disappointments to our believes and to the church. This group reminded us a bit operating like the Jehova Witness style, dress the best, don’t talk to those who left the cult, don’t discuss sin for forgiveness until you go to their retreat and there you may speak every sin infront of everyone. Sometimes there was even fights, punches on to one another then they made up. We had to then discern, reflect, give our donation then receive the Eucharist. They told us also that there will no longer be needing the religious sisters, helping the poor, no more Catecists unless they are all prepared by the Neocatecumenus way cult. This made us furious. I told the sisters everything that was said and the sisters told me that is impossible and that no one can make any changes unless the bishop orders such changes and sadly a few more years later the nightmare begin. The Neocatecumenus had the sisters sell their sacred home they lived at to move to the house where all the sisters lives in Bridgewater Connecticut Mass. It was a sad moment for all and the lie about why the sisters had to leave was so unfair and troublesome. I notice more lies over lies. Then they said the temple needed to be remodeled because their was loads of bedbugs if this was true why our home was free from bedbugs, we thought classes in each class room including at the Priest home in the basement and never have we had any issue with bedbugs. They made in donation tons of money to replace what we had already done years before inside the temple building. Many horrible things continued to happen including the priest from Spain Father Enrique whom was so rude, had no care in speaking with dirty language, people would tell him to please refer the words in a different way but still he would say anything he please to say his way. Soon after two years in 2018 the problems were escalating more and more, the donations were getting very low and Enrique would be more rude then COVID strikes and things really got worse and finally Enrique is taking off the position from the church, after many people left the church. It is still operating by the Neocatecumenus way with the help of bishop Sean O’Mally whom I believe got brain wash as well. My biggest worry is did they brain wash the Pope the same way they did to us to believe it is a great group that focuses on Evangelizing which yes true, but did they tell the Pope it is to Evangelize their believes and not what the church have thought us from generations to generations. Please help us, we want our Spanish community back. Until this day today they won’t call us to teach the Lords word or for any help. We had to travel to other towns to continue at St Patrick’s, but many inconvenience due to the travel and the feeling that this is our home is always in our heart, but can’t be part of it due to feeling unwelcome. We now at the Immaculate Conception in Lowell I have asked to be a member at their church explained everything we went through, but 4 month still waiting for someone to call me to discuss what I need to do to participate as a member. I have called two more times to let them know I am waiting for their call and they tell me they been very busy so I continue to go to Mass every Sunday with my family and wait for when God wants to put me to work. In the mean time I am preparing with the course DASM which is Disciple Apologetic Service Missionary and teaching all my children’s and some foster children and hoping one day they may receive the sacraments waiting for them in Jesus name. I hope one day we may find the peace to end all this uncomfortable way of living with the Neocatecumenus way.

  3. Courage Marisol,
    God is much greater than the neocatechumenate! He had a plan for you and this has caused you suffering.
    26 years for me and the breakdown of my family. Accept some of the bible teaching you received-especially that God loves you, and know that you are inspired by God and correct to leave them. Pray everyday for the poor souls that are being controlled and manipulated.
    Thank God for the neocatechumenate and pray that they will come to recognise their failings and need for humility.
    Protect your family, your wife and your children and never doubt God’s wisdom.

  4. In the end, God is always the answer! Do not look for HIM in man. For man only brings heartbreak, lies and manipulation and division especially in our dear Catholic Faith. Take courage… arm yourselves with truth and that truth lays within our Catholic Faith, founded by God, passed on by St. Peter and his successors. This is the original Way… for over 2000 years! Not something that started up in the 1960’s by false prophets! Believe this… the Catholic Faith… And God!

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