Covering His Tracks

Several weeks ago I wrote piece here about Neocatechumenal professor David Atienza de Fruto and his mischaracterization of the Chamorro (and Catholic) practice of praying for the dead.  You can read that piece and the claims of that Neocatechumenal seminary professor  here.

Well, some of us suspected that his original paper would not be on the internet for very long, and we were right.  Here’s what you get when you click on the link to his paper today:

Not Found

I can’t blame Dr. Atienza, really.  His claims, even if undeliberately, defamed the Chamorro people, his research was sloppy, and his writing was even sloppier.

Nevertheless, we thought it important enough to save.  Dr. Atienza might have retracted his paper from the internet, but he certainly has not retracted his views, at least not publicly.  So click here to view and download his original work.




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