Sprinting Toward Schism

I found Kiko Argüello’s “Easter Announcement 2017” in my inbox this morning.  Wow.  He is exhorting his followers to celebrate the Easter Vigil liturgy in their homes!  You can read the announcement in the original Italian here.

Kiko disseminates these announcements before Lent and Easter every year, and this year, things must be going badly for him.  Immediately after a lengthy discussion of the value of the Neocatechumenal Easter Vigil and a discourse on the habit of the early Christians to worship in their homes (pages 11-12), Kiko has this to say:

“The Pope recalled that the holy night is the center of Christian life! I say this because I am told of pastors who will not permit the Vigil.  If the Easter Vigil is not possible we can walk away from the parish, because you cannot leave the brothers without the Easter Vigil.Easter Announcement 2017, p. 13

Annuncio Pasqua 2017 (5)_2017-04-13_23.23_01
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He’s is certainly not talking about the parishes’ celebration of the Easter Vigil here, nor is he referring to the Agape meal after the Vigil.  No, without a doubt, he means the Neocatechumenal Easter Vigil.

So, if the hotels are forbidden to the brothers and consecrated altars are absolutely required, it’s “walk away from the parish(es)” and do it in our homes!  Sect. Sect. Sect.


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