From the Philippines: “I think it is about time for the church to see these things.”

350px-map_of_philippinesFaithful Catholics in the Philippines experience the same problems with “the Way” that we have in Guam.  A man from that country shared his heartbreaking story with me the other day…:



Thanks for posting this article. I am from the neo-communities of XXXXXX. I have been in the way for more than 15 years now but I decided not to continue. What happen (sic)  to me in the way is something I could not take easily, our group had these scrutinies where we are given time to answer several questions, our catechist would ask us our answer to the questions, and they also ask other questions not ealier (sic) given. This is done one to one basis with the presence of the group, and this could go an hour or more for one person. In the question and answer, they ask many things especially the more sensitive ones, and after that they come up with their judgment as to who you are. In may case I was judge as a caregiver not as a husband, because my wife has this sickness epileptic so i (sic) take care her all her needs, medicines, check up, we go together because its not advisable for her to be alone, but our catechists were quick to judge me that i am not a husband but a caregiver. I was really hurt, for a christian people to say that, where else can I get inspiration to move, is it not that the church is the refuge of people who needs Gods strenght (sic) . I think is (sic) about time for the church to see this things.

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