Total Submission?

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And we have a winner here at The Thoughtful Catholic in our Comment of the Day contest!  Congratulations to Adebiyi Ayorinde, from Lagos, Nigeria, an avid follower of Kiko Arguello, for his winning comment to my recent blog post, “Do Not Resist Evil”, Part II.  Today’s winning comment gets turned into a post of its own.  With my comments in red, of course.


Adebiyi Ayorinde, a Neocatechumenal supporter from Nigeria, likes to travel!
Adebiyi Ayorinde, a Neocatechumenal supporter from Nigeria, likes to travel!

Posted By: Adebiyi Ayorinde, from Lagos, Nigeria 

Submitted on: Feb 23, 2016 @ 12:35 AM, from the United Kingdom

In response to: “Do Not Resist Evil”, Part II



Even though you have not been posting my comments, but kindly allow people to read the story below and discern the reason why kiko preached total submission. God bless you sirs.

Thank you, Mr. Ayorinde, thank you!  In my posts I insisted that the evidence showed that Kiko Arguello demands his followers, including women married to abusive spouses, to be completely passive  (you call it “total submission”) in the face of evil encountered by them.   I was expecting the usual response of , “CALUMNY, LIES!!!”, but you have responded by affirming the truth, and you have even used your real name!  Bravo!

Let’s continue with the story that Mr. Ayorinde wishes to tell:

“There are no Christians nowadays. None! We just have crooks, thieves, prostitutes, womanizers…no Christians,” John was saying to his 3 friends while enjoying a beer. “You are very right. Christianity went with the apostles of old,” Andrew chipped in. John, Andrew, Daniel discussed the subject at length but it was only Richard who had not commented on the issue the three colleagues were discussing and this prompted John to ask him why he was silent.

<<By the way, this story has been circulating on Nigerian Facebook pages since the beginning of this month (Feb. 2016), and Mr. Ayorinde found it there.  It’s completely fabricated, but Mr. Ayorinde believes that it illustrates Kiko’s teaching.  Let’s continue...>>

“I agree guys that today’s Christians are rotten,” he said and sipped his beer, “But I know of one Christian and she is my wife. Oh this woman is the real Christian.”

His 3 friends went into gaffes of laughter “You r a joke man. Which Christian woman would allow his husband to go boozing?” Andrew asked amid laughs.

“I know it doesn’t make sense,” Richard said, “But my wife is a Christian. She lets me live my life. She doesn’t talk to me about anything biblical. She doesn’t curse me. She respects me as her husband and always asks for permission when going to church,  to use the car and lot things. << she needs her husband’s permission to go to church?? to use the car?? >> She keeps washing my clothes. She has never thrown away any beer in the fridge because she is a Christian. She has never refused me sex because I am drunk.

<<Let’s pause here for a minute.   Is this what Jesus wants for you, ladies?  Sex with a drunk?  With no say in the matter whatsoever?

The truth of the matter is, if a woman habitually has sex with her husband while he is drunk (and she is not), it’s never because she’s a Christian.  It’s because she does so out of fear.  Fear of her husband’s drunken rage, or even worse. >> 

That woman is a Christian.”

His friends stopped laughing.

“You really mean this?” Daniel asked, “I think she claims she is Christian because you haven’t really tested her faith. She is pretending.”

“No. No. No. She doesn’t pretend. She just lives the life of a Christian,” Richard defended.

“What if we really test her faith? To see if she is the real deal?” Andrew dead-panned.

“I would not to treat my wife that way. She is a good woman. She respects me and I wouldn’t go that extra mile,” Rich said adding: “Right now I am ashamed to even bring beer into the fridge again.”

“I knew u was lying to us,” John said laughing mockingly.

“Okay guys we can test her,” Richard agreed in resignation. “But I can assure you we will not break her.”

The tests began. From entering the house with his friends with soiled shoes, to eating all relish meant for the whole day, to drinking beer at the living room and living it very messy, Richard wife never complained. She never showed a sad face.She was always glad. In her heart she always sang the song “MUST JESUS BEAR THE CROSS ALONE AND ALL THE WORLD GO FREE”

This Saturday Richard came with his friends at 11:30 PM. Though his wife was asleep, he woke her up and demanded that she cook nsima for his 3 friends too. His wife never complained. She did that and when she was done she told her husband and his friends to go and eat.  But Richard took the plates and threw them down shouting the food was undercooked and she had to cook again. His wife came to him graciously and knelt down and said: “I am sorry honey. I never meant to embarrass you in the presence of your friends. I am sorry the food was under-cooked. I will prepare you another meal.”  

<< This gets into the magic word, “CODEPENDENCY”, A codependent’s behavior is controlled by the alcoholic’s addictive behavior and they believe that love, acceptance, security, and approval depend upon taking care of the alcoholic in the way the alcoholic wishes.  It is common for codependents to feel that the fault is really their own.>>

It was Andrew who started crying. Then Daniel and John joined him. They threw themselves to the floor crying, their hands raised in the air in surrender. Richard her husband also came apart uncontrollably.  “I want to serve the God you serve. Take me to Him,” John said tears flowing freely down his cheeks. Andrew said the same thing and did the rest. They accepted CHRIST that day. They became born again. <<Now you can see that this is really a fairy tale – the idea that a bunch of drunk men would all have some dramatic conversion after a night of brutal cruelty.>>

This story teaches us that sometimes God places us in situations deliberately so that we can win souls to HIM. Are you experiencing a bad situation? There is a reason why God has allowed you to go through that.  <<“Enabling” does not win souls, and God does not want women to be codependent or enablers, or facilitators of their husbands’ addictions.  Period.  And no, it’s not good for their children to see this modeled for them.>>


Thank you again, Mr. Ayorinde, for enlightening with your story to show why as you say, Kiko “preaches total submission”  !

2 thoughts on “Total Submission?

  1. The story is obviously made up. Drunkards are not on their right mind. Total conversion at that moment when the woman was humiliated and was about to make another meal for the drunkards? I don’t place any credence to the story. It’ s good reading before breakfast but anyone can say that his wife is christian because of total submission. What we don’t know is what is boiling inside her. On the next Chapter, Mr. Oyorinde may find himself out in the streets. What Oyorinde is saying is that he has a slave for a wife.

  2. It does not matter if the story is made up. Its presented as a model to which Neocats should behave.

    Sometimes it can be helpful to any relationship to submit your own pride and desires for the sake of that relationship. I have seen personally that this could have positive effects on NCW.


    In to many cases psychopaths that feed their own needs on the weak , sell this story to the weak so they can keep on feeding.
    What is described there is rationalized abuse.

    Its not only about women-men relationship, its also about authority-obidient neocat relationship. Considering how abuse is legitimized , and fighting abuse is fighting Gods will, it is not a matter of does abuse happen in NCW, it is a matter of how much does it happen.

    On top of that you were told that Jesus died so you did not have to. It appears that Jesus actually died so you could follow his example. But they did not told you that at the start did they?

    On top of that , this is the way Catechists treat some of the members but in no way imaginable could it be possible that its ok that members threat their Catechists this way. Its one sided and its hypocritical.

    “I am sorry honey. I never meant to embarrass you in the presence of your friends. I am sorry the food was under-cooked.”

    Lastly , the ideal which you should strive to be is not a REAL person , but a robot from some fiction.

    And this is ultimately what they want. Robots which will affirm their beliefs no matter how these people actually feel.

    “It was Andrew who started crying. Then Daniel and John joined him. They threw themselves to the floor crying, their hands raised in the air in surrender. Richard her husband also came apart uncontrollably. “I want to serve the God you serve. Take me to Him,””

    Because it all about “surrender” and “servitude” which comes from the need for power and control and boosting someones giant EGO.

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