Kiko and Judas

“Finally, there is a third circle, a third group of brothers and sisters, those who live a lie, who have always lied to themselves. They are those in whom Satan acts, enslaving them.  Not necessarily because they are wicked, or due to any fault of their own, but perhaps for some reason or other that we will not investigate. Maybe these are the richest people, humanly speaking, the most intellectually gifted. (Judas was perhaps the brightest of the apostles, which is why he kept the purse … )  These people cannot stand the community. This mission is very important because, without Judas, there is no Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. If you are called to be Jesus Christ, you must have your Judas.  Each of you here will have your hour. Your life is in function of assuming an hour. Jesus Christ was waiting for his hour to arrive and one day he said: My hour has come (see Jn 12:23). I hope that one day all of you will be able to say the same: My hour has come, the hour to give testimony of Jesus, the hour to be raised up, the hour in which the Father will be glorified in you. All Christians are called by God to take on this hour.

When that day arrives, these people will have the mission of killing you, of destroying you. Fundamentally, they live dominated by the devil because they have never been loved. To be able to love himself and other people, a man needs to be loved. These people do not listen to your reasons; they do not recognize the Spirit.  They say it’s all too angelic and a form of alienation which provides you with an excuse never to have to lift a finger to do anything.  The only way for these brothers and sisters to be saved is for the Church to give her blood for them, the blood of Christians, which is the blood of Jesus Christ. They will kill you and you will give your blood for them, as St. Stephen gave his blood for those who stoned him. In that way, they can all be saved.”  Page 82, Day 4.

Kiko’s helpful diagram, contained in Volume I.

Kiko continues this teaching on Sunday of the Initial Convivence, after the fifteen nights of catechesis:

The Church is Christ himself continuing in history to let himself be killed by the sins of men. That is why this third circle, like Judas, has a very important mission in Christianity. Judas has a very active part in the Paschal Mystery of Jesus: he handed over Jesus Christ. Those who attack the Church have the very important role of making the fact that Christ continues to live, letting himself be killed, forgiving everyone, shining before everyone.

The blood of Christians continues to be shed in the twentieth century for the remission of sins.  Page 392, Initial Convivence, Sunday

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