In his own words

Another recording has been smuggled out of the castle! Listen to Fr. Edwin “Pius” Sammut OCD, the lead Neocatechumenal catechist for Guam, Saipan, and Hawaii, muse about his eternal destiny: This is the new team which will be, you know, which … Continue reading In his own words

Diaconate Candidates taught: Jesus “became a sinner”

Here is a post taken directly from Tim Rohr’s JungleWatch blog. ( In the recording below, a theology professor, Fr. Angelo Veraldi, from Italy, instructs permanent deacon candidates in Guam that “Jesus became a sinner.”  This is no joke!  A transcript of the recording follows.   The following is a transcript of this recording [above].  You will note the extreme difficulty in understanding right from the beginning (poor candidates), but it gets worse. FR. VERALDI: …very action, action of liturgy.  Liturgical action.  Also when we recite the psalms by ourself, because as a church we pray for everybody.  And then there is … Continue reading Diaconate Candidates taught: Jesus “became a sinner”