More gems from Kiko

We’ve previously discussed Kiko Argüello’s exhortation to his followers to “walk away from the parishes” if their pastors did not permit the Neocatechumenal Easter Vigil to be celebrated. There are several more gems to be found in his recent Easter Announcement, however.  Here are a few more, many thanks to friends at the Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo Verità:

Speaking of one his paintings:

“This is a painting that speaks to the soul. In the West we have no images that speak to the soul and reflect our faith.” p. 3


Here’s a collage of some of Kiko’s most precious works. Do they speak to your soul?


and speaking of Kiko’s art…

“Large numbers of people have not received any catechesis, no, you have received so much through us, through our art. But most important of this painting,  You can see that I am an artist, it is the implementation of Christian initiation, with its stages, its scrutinies, its catechesis: imagine the catechesis of the first scrutiny on the faith of Abraham , with the celebrations that accompany these stages. All of this has been studied by the Holy See and was approved: a work of art, we can say, a treasure for the whole Church.” p. 5

Note the “royal we“.  Let’s assume, for the briefest of moments, that this sect is a work of art and a “treasure for the whole Church”.  Who, then, is the real artist?  Kiko, or Jesus Christ?

And check this one out.

“Today I am the Virgin for you, who is giving birth to Jesus Christ in you, gestating in you the Son of God.” p. 6

I’ll bet you’ve never heard a Catholic evangelist speak in such a pretentious, gender-confused way, eh?

His handlers must be having a helluva time, that’s all I’ve got to say.  I wonder how long it will take the coach to pull this fellow out of the game?

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