Bishop Ballin: Fr. Luis Camacho Exonerated By Holy See!

Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCJballin of the Vicariate of Northern Arabia has published a letter dated June 25, 2016 saying that Fr. Luis has been exonerated by the Holy See!


In his  letter, Bishop Ballin says:

  • that the accusations against Fr. Luis were “lies and calumnies”
  • The Holy See was “forced” to conduct an inquiry
  • The investigation was “deep and thorough”
  • The investigation reached “an absolute certainty” that there is “not a semblance of truth to the accusation made against Fr. Luis”
  • Fr. Luis will return to the Vicariate on July 4, 2016 as “part of the program for his formation”

If that’s the case, I can’t wait to hear the results of the Holy See’s investigation into the claims of Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland!

See the Bishop’s letter here:

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