The Sordid Case of Fr. E

Catholic priests sometimes have sexual affairs with women in violation of their sacred promises.  Sometimes those women are married, and sometimes those women, married or not, get pregnant. In many cases, and sometimes even in the case of pregnancy, these priests can recover their priestly ministry in time and with prudence on the part of the Church.

However, I recently received this story from a Catholic elsewhere. No, it’s not the Neocatechumenal presbyter in Venezuela.  This person told me the story of one priest, who I’ll call “Fr. E”.

I’ve deliberately removed some dreadful details, because frankly, I need to corroborate them before telling the whole story.  If those details are confirmed, the heads of certain Neocatechumenal leaders, and maybe that of a certain bishop, should roll.

So, if you have been a member of a Neocatechumenal parish and this story of Fr. E seems eerily familiar to you,  let me know what you know (by clicking here) about the details that I have left out.

Fr. E.

Fr. E came to XXXXX parish as a parochial vicar right after he was ordained.  Within the short time he was there he began to counsel a couple whose marriage was in trouble. I do not know the nature of their marital problems. He began to have an affair with the wife, getting her pregnant and  XXXXX. The last time she got pregnant she wasn’t sure if it was her husband’s or Fr. E’s (it turned out to be her husband’s).

She thought he would leave the priesthood for her and she would leave her husband but he told her that he would always be a priest and she would always be married…so he was just having his cake and eating it too…he was not just falling, he chose in full conscience to continue to do what he did.

The archdiocese offered XXXX.

…all I remember hearing about it [at the time] was that Fr. E left for XXXXXX and got caught up with a woman and wasn’t coming back. I assumed he was on vacation back home and fell, I had no idea it was happening while he was actually still “on duty” in XXXXX parish. I heard later he decided to continue to be a priest but they sent him to the Holy Land.

Fr. E is with the Neocatechumenal Way and formed at the  Redemptoris Mater in XXXX.

Fr. E was removed from the ministry by his bishop, but reinstated as a parochial vicar later.  Some time after the events described above, and after serving as a parochial vicar in at least one other parish, Fr. E was appointed by XXXXX to be pastor at another parish, a position which he holds today.

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